Some Interesting Moments

User Rating: 6.4 | The Bard's Tale XBOX
The Bards Tale is an interesting game, and does have some humoros moments. As the Gamespot review says, Don't go in expecting Monty Python and the Holy Grail. To be honest, though, there are a few moments worthy of Robin Hood:Men In Tights, though. The graphics aren't anything special, but they're not particularly bad. Some of the character models are a bit on the ridiculous side, but there's a good bit of humor there as well. The voice acting isn't too bad, though if you didn't know Carey Elwes was playing the Bard you'd never guess. The voice works for the character, but lacks that spark Elwes normally brings to his roles. The one place The Bards Tale actually delivers is the music. Whether it's the drunks in a tavern singing (literally) the praises of the man who invented bear, or the strange little elf/goblin things that show up and sing the "Bad Luck To Be You" songs, I found myself laughing along with the silly humor. Gameplay is about what you would expect for a dungeon crawler. The ability to summon various creatures should make the game a lot more interesting, but in the long run you'll find you rely on the same set of minions throughout. Overall, it's a passable game that may be worth the rent just to hear the beer song.