fun little game with a diablo type gameplay and a space colony/dott/etc type of humor and style, quite fun (pc version)

User Rating: 8 | The Baconing PC
ill try to keep this review brief.

well i just finished the game, gotta say it was a very fun and entertaining game, a very refreshing and entertaining brand of humor and style, and the gameplay was pretty darn fun too.

groundbreaking humor and style, and pretty fun gameplay.

there were a couple tiny little bugs, but nothing too annoying, the 2nd and 3rd last guys in arena battle didnt fight back for some reason, and the final boss crashed a couple times (just restarted my pc and it worked fine afterwards) but they were barely noticeable problems.

gameplay(substance) : 7/10
style/humor/graphics : 10/10
overall enjoyability : 8/10

similar games in style? dott, space colony, psychonauts
similar games in gameplay? diablo, dungeon siege

i look forward to the next game in the series (to be continued at the end of the game, but they still closed the current game story nicely)