You were not Spider-man fan since your 3 so believe me!

User Rating: 10 | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PC

This game is Awesome!It's 10 times better than the first one!In the first game:The web was hanging from the sky,the combat mode sucked,Peter Parker wasn't even seen,you were only entering:Oscorp buildings and sewers!(Realy now!)!Everything is fixed in this game!You play as Peter Parker in enough parts of the game(unfortunatly not free roam but still)!It makes conections with the previous game(the old weren't making any conection to each other)!The city is way bigger and with more activities, the way you unlock the costumes is way better!(In the first game you were picturing those stupid spiders)In this game you go outside the city(eg. Ravencroft)!Swinging and combat are more fun!The Hero or Menace system makes feel you responsible like Spidey(That's what it does to me anyway)!I love this game!If you don't like it,play real life games!