This is where I draw the line with the Spiderman video game series

User Rating: 4 | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PC

I remember being excited for The Amazing Spider-man 1 and when I finally got my hands on it, all I held was a video game box of disappointment.

I'm sure many of us already know that one can only expect so much from a Spider-man game. I'm okay with any Spider-man title as long as they've polished up the combat mechanics and web-slinging. Boy did this game get the web-slinging right. I felt like the real Spider-man flying through Manhattan City with such class that the real Spider-man would pat me on the back. The problem is that that is where all the good points of the game stops.

Combat in The Amazing Spider-man 2 is all about button mashing. Too many enemies, spam the web shoot button. Want an effortless combo, mash the attack button and be sure to mash the dodge button too in case you see any screen prompts. The problem here is that they incorporated the evade mechanics from the Batman games (which was a good idea) but they didn't do more.

Another fun-killer was the constant need to be seen as a hero by the citizens by doing side-missions, all so I can move around the city without some sort interference from the "sky police" (I wasn't paying too much attention to the plot - another shortfall of the game.)

In conclusion, The Amazing Spider-man 2 is a fun, web-slinging game with some really nice visuals, but it yet again fails to capture the real essence of being Peter Parker/ Spider-man in Manhattan City and feeling like you actually fought to save the city.