Anyone who doesn't like this game is not a real Spidey fan.

User Rating: 8 | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PC

This game is leaps and bounds above ASM1. It has much improved graphics, gameplay, combat, and content. Any true Spidey fan will love the crap out of this game. Is it perfect? No. It is bad? Not by a long shot. The combat is much more fluid than in the first. You can disarm opponents and dodge bullets now. The webslinging is vastly improved with individual left and right hand control for swinging and fighting. The story is more original and street level than the first one. With more cutscenes and even dialog choices.You can go into the Comic Stand (a comic shop run by Stan Lee) and read full comics, check out figures and posters. Even play a fighting mini-game on an arcade which not only hones your combat skills, but unlocks more cool stuff. This is a solid entry to the Spideyverse and is way better than the first.