Meh... it's another Beenox Spidey game.. and that's about it. Could and should be much better Spider-man deserves more

User Rating: 1 | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PC

Update: I had to give this a 1 to balance out the morons that are giving this game a 10... I don't know if those people are "special" or what, but even for Spidey fans, they aren't doing anyone any favors by continuing to support Activision in puking up these horrible games again and again.. Don't waste your money on this one... you have been warned. It's like they didn't even try in making this piece of crap. Bugs Bugs Bugs.. glitches glitches glitches... terrible graphics with frame rate and camera issues.. and when Spidey is talking to other characters, he looks like he's on crack lol.. 4 real.

This game = Fail. it's an another average spider-man game. That's it. After all these mediocre titles Beenox doesn't deserve to make any more. It's a fairly terrible game but it should and could be way better with the right developers. The game has glitches and the usual camera issues from a beenox spidey game. With such lackluster graphics (zero next gen really) there is absolutely no reason the games should not play well on PS3 and 360. These developers are either terrible, lazy or severely rushed in making this game. The spider-man game license rights need to get moved to a real game maker. I like that they tried to follow in the successful direction of the Arkham games but they couldn't even come close in what they came up with. my favorite spider-man game so far is still web of shadows. The graphics may not have been that good but the game play was fun. And that's what is missing in these latest games. Spider-man has sooo much potential. I mean it's Spider-man! and they still can't put together anything that rivals the Arkham games in graphics and fun game play. Surprised really, considering the money behind the license alone has to be good enough to make something substantially better. I'll keep playing this one but once again this game will never be considered a hit or classic. Definitely not worth $60 lol. Don't support bad game making is all I can say.. speak with your wallets and maybe they will stop handing the game development to Beenox which has had plenty of opportunities to come up with a winner and has failed to do so. I've been waiting for a next gen King of Spider-man games for a long time and I guess I'll have to keep waiting. I'm thinking these "movie tie-ins" could also be part of the problem in the rush to get it out when new movies come out.. Developers: Stop it! Would someone just start working on a real Spider-man game that stands on it's own in greatness regardless of whatever movie is showing? I may sound hard on this game, but really I'm only demanding better because I know it is possible and should be better for true believer fans of Spider-man. Spidey needs a fresh direction in the gaming world and some developers that know what they are doing in creating a great all around game graphically and in game play design. What I want is a HIT game that is undeniably great in every way and this game just ain't it.. neither was the last one or the one before.. they are close... but not quite there yet. So far it's either great graphics and terrible conception and game play or great game play and not so great graphics. The bar has been raised pretty high for super heroes by the arkham game series so hopefully it won't take long for something to dethrone it and I am hoping that a future Spider-man game is the one that will do it.