The best i can do is a 6

User Rating: 6 | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 3DS

I'm a great fan of Spiderman games ever since the PS1 era.But in all the years i played, no game has realy and truly gave this amazing characther justice.I played throgh the entire first game it had it's problems and it was obviosly a mediocre game that was going for a cheap Batman Archam Asylm ripoff kinda vibe.But it had a managble story and i guess the voice acting gave it a litlle more credibilty,not this game.This one is just plain terible and i mean terible.This 6 is generous since it puts it in the same line with Deadbool another game coasting on Marvel property that just dispapointed,Deadpool for all it's faults is way better.The visuals are just terible someware betwen PS2 and the Wii the less i speak of those the better.Now i do know that Spiderman games don't get that Rokstar budget but i belive that visuals are not just budget and tech but simple craftmanship by the tools a developer has at his disposale.A great case for that would be The Witcher 1 that was made on a shoe string budget on the terible Aurora engine from the game Neverwinter 2.So they don't get a pass.The gameplay is along the lines of previos Spiderman games but the camera is anoying and webswinging the hallmark of all Spideraman games is just anoying.The combat feels jaggy and dizzy and the punches and moves seem to have no true impact on your enemy making it feel unsatisfying also it does not mater who is your enemy or how they look like because you just button mash until it's over.No strategising needed no true meaning to what you just did.Copying Archam Asylm is not a bad way to go since the mechanics storytelling and gameplay in that game are all well thought out but this game clearly does not reapet that formula Archem Origins did that and that game is decent and enjoyable.Spiderman is the greatest superhero in the Marvel universe and easy to translate to a game but i guess it takes Rockstar or Sucker Punch to do it justice.I also wonder why is not Spiderman made by Sony's first party developers like Santa Monica and Naughty Dog since they own the rights to Spiderman it seems like a no brainer to make a decent trilogy out of this great IP.