A bit too hard but very fun.

User Rating: 7 | The Adventures of Batman & Robin GEN
This game I believe was meant to be played with a partner. The lack of any in depth gameplay or overall story line is made up simply by the fun that you have in the fast paced 2 player mode. This game is very annoying however due to the countless number of combatants that consume the screen and come after you in all directions. Very repetitive but additively fun.

They look sharp and everything in the game I believe was very well defined. None of the colors seemed to clash and it was always easy to see where everything was. There was however a lack of any sort of excitement within the graphics making it a little bit dull to watch from time to time.

Easy to understand and use. There did seem to be some maneuverability issues thought which are only noticed because of the fact that you are trying to dodge about 100 enemies at once it seemed.

This is a pure hack and slash game, so there is no reason to use your brain. The slight upgrade you get in your weapon could have easily been replaced to any number of simple items they could have implemented.

It is enough to keep you interested.

STORY: 4.5
It is there but very generic and not interested. I would have marked it lower but the lack of story fits with this type of game.

It is good fun to play this with a partner, and at times you feel that you need one since there game is at times so hard with enemies coming at you in all directions.

FINAL: 6.8