A wonderful game for its time. It keep up late many a nights.

User Rating: 9.5 | Tetris APL2
Tetris was designed by a Russian gentleman and the game more or less was stolen from him and he never got a cent for his game. The game was marketed by an American and a Japanese company without the designers permission. It was a sad story, but he came to the America much later and went to work for a company in Washington State and is now a worth piles of money making games. It turned out to be a good story in the end.

The game has geometric shapes that fall down a column and the idea is to turn them and move them as they fall so they fit in the other blocks at the bottom without any gaps. It is a very simple concept and not so easy to conquer. The later games that built on the concept got to glitzy for me. I liked the original game the best.

Everybody should play Tetris at least once in their lives. It is a great game for brain. There isn't any shooting and killing in Tetris. I am not saying I don't like shooting and killing. My favorite genre is shooting and killing games.