Unique name in the puzzle genre, supernova in the galaxy of games.

User Rating: 9 | Tetris NES
Ahh, the endless falling shapes going on and on. Who doesn't know this game? The holy grail of puzzle games without a doubt, in which one must make horizontal lines to earn points and, if in the correct game mode, to win the game.

From the beginning to now, this game has held up a lot more than the developers had probably guessed in the start. To their surprise, millions around the world know what Tetris is. Starting an entirely new revolution of puzzle gaming, this one truly left a mark in history.

Good: Beginning of a brand new genre, high replay value, great soundtrack, gameplay that never gets old, very unique.

Bad: Hard modes can become frustrating, you start thinking about the game a little too much if played for too long.

Graphics: Basic NES graphics, though everything is pretty smooth and well drawn out. The tetris pieces fit perfectly into the game and everything looks like it should.

Sound/Music: Sounds of tetris pieces falling and lines being cleared becomes catchy and players will probably start hearing those sounds in their head. The soundtrack consists of three very memorable tunes, at least one of which almost anyone has heard, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. The music was composed very well and will probably be going through your mind at random moments of the day.

Difficulty: Adjustable, the game starts out very easy and the pieces move very slowly. As the game goes on, the difficulty increases and the pieces begin falling faster. Later on, it will seem almost impossible because of the intense speed.

Gameplay: A puzzle game as I mentioned before, this really started a huge revolution as the grandfather of puzzle games. The unique style of setting different shaped blocks to make horizontal lines really causes this to be not only addicting but a very new type of game, well, maybe not so new now, but it certainly was then. It was obviously enough to be famous today. There are two styles of play; first style is endless, meaning you can play and get as many lines as you possibly can before all the pieces hit the top and you game over. The second style is known as "Lines Mode", which one must complete the set amount of lines to win.

Controls: Basic, move the pieces around and push A to turn the pieces clockwise, B to turn counter-clockwise. The down button on the D-pad makes the pieces move faster downward.

Overall: I can guarantee that if you ask almost anyone, young or old, if they know what Tetris is, they'll know exactly what you're talking about and maybe even flash a smile on their face. Tetris, for many, left and still leaves a place in their heart. Where the hell would we be without Tetris? If you don't own the original but have the NES, do yourself a favor and add it to your collection.