Tetris Worlds was my first foray into the traditional style of the Tetris, and I had fun, regardless of a huge problem.

User Rating: 7 | Tetris Worlds XBOX
As my first real Tetris game, I was pleasantly surprised.
The main game mode was fun to play through, and I had a good time playing through all the altered game modes.
While the graphics and music only pass as average, you can mute out the music (or use the Custom Soundtract feature to listen to your own), and the graphics, well... it is not very relevant to the core gaming experience.

Well I had a lot of fun with this game, there is one major flaw in Tetris Worlds that I just now discovered!
Apparently, in a standard Tetris game, whenever a piece hit the bottom of the grid, the piece would stop and you would resume control over another.
In Tetris Worlds, you still have control over that piece when it touches the bottom for a few seconds. Plus, if you decide to move the piece (which can be moved in almost any way possible), the time resets.
To be honest, I did not know about this flaw until recently.
Usually, I tend to be pretty spastic when I play this game (not out of instinct. Simply amusment, I guess), and I always droped the pieces, making every session a spastic and wild one. So, I never figured out this problem.

Still, I had fun. While that praticular flaw might piss a couple people off, begginners should venture into this game, if anything.