Calling Tetris Worlds awesome is just what they expect us to call it.

User Rating: 1.5 | Tetris Worlds GBA
Tetris is an amazing game with some amazing sequels, such as Tetris Attack. However, when Tetris Worlds comes to the GBA, mediocre doesn't come to mind. It's obviously the worst Tetris game ever created, and nothing really can sum it up. Tetris Worlds doesn't have any worlds, it doesn't have any platforms, it's just abysmal, and the worst puzzle game ever created.

Game-play: 2/10

The game-play is about as fun as getting your head chopped off by a helicopter, and get your guts ripped out by its engines, while cat litter gets stuffed in your mouth. There is no game-play, it's just terrible.

Graphics: 1/10

Are you even serious? Is this really superb graphics? Wow. This isn't the kind of game you'd expect to have great graphics. It seems the developers took no time on the graphics at all.

Sound: 2/10

There basically is very annoying music in this game. It's bad enough to pop your mind, and you'd rather get thrown out of a plane 6 billion meters in the air, landing in a forest of snow that's been crapped in. You'll have crap on you, and might get severe bruises, but hey, you're still alive, and you haven't listened to the awful music, or the dreadful audio. The audio sucks like crazy.

Camera and control: 1/10

Overall, the tilt sucks eggs. There really isn't much to find in here. The controls are as dumb as ever, and there is no hopes in loving it.

Value: 2/10

Tetris Worlds is best left alone. Probably the worst of its genre, Tetris Worlds is not to be played.

Average Score: 1.6/10

Tetris can still be fun, but not this game. It can't be bought, rented, played at a friends house, not even in jail, because that's too torturous. Tetris was awesome, but not this. Calling Tetris Worlds awesome is just what they expect us to call it. Don't even say anything about this game, and why did you read this review? Oh well, just don't even get close to the most abysmal puzzle game of all time.