Tetris......normaly you can not go wrong with it...well this is not normal by a long shot.

User Rating: 4 | Tetris Worlds PS2
Tetris As a very young boy it was the game i was no good at....I had no clue as to what was going on and i would always blame the game....

Tetris Worlds As a 31 your old man it was a game that was no good....i had all the clues as to what was going on but the game just did not seem to care.

You see i like puzzle games alot i infact have many many versions of the game we love and call Tetris. Its fun it does not mess around and for the most part it does not rip you off of your fun when you least expect it.

I feel sorry for the kids of today because they do not have a classic game to look upto like Tetris. Instead they have Tetris Worlds the one game that could turn any hardcore gamer or any person from playing a game again.

This game is bad and its only the name on the front that tricks you into buying it.

Keep away from this version it will melt your mind and make you hate games for a short period of time.....Stay away....i mean it do not even look it up...do not even rent it out.....If you see it in a shop burn the shop down for trying to sell it to you.

If you see it in your home run for the hills never to be seen again.