Needs MORE...

User Rating: 4.5 | Tetris Worlds GBA
This game needs more. All you do in the game is play tetris... we don't really need the other game settings (Cascade, Sticky, etc) do we? I mean, you could have put something new, but still keep it orginal! They could have made the graphics better, and the Tetris pieces more 3-D(ish). This is no game with characters, or settings (yeah there'she so called underwater and fire/lava place, but that's only the background!) I could by this game on the mobile, with less money spent. I mean, it doesn't deserve to be on the GameBoy Advance, just don't waste your money on Tetris for the GBA again.

Well... I forgot to say the good. There is a secret "button" code you can press to unlock the "orginal" mode while playing Tetris. It will let you play the ORIINAL Tetris (with the orginal color's for the pieces, and you can't drop the pieces hard; no shadow piece) It was a great idea, but why would I have to know a secret code is wayyyy beyond me.

If this game were to be better, they could have added more game play features, story line, or even WI-FI!!! Oh wait, this isn't the DS version! Speaking of which, the DS version saved the portable Tetris LIFE!!! Touch screen, extream multi-player and much more. Well since I am rating the GBA, that's all I've gatta say.