Too easy. But I actually kinda like it. It's more relaxing than challenging. (They broke Tetris though.)

User Rating: 7 | Tetris Worlds PS2
Well, I've seen worse. I'll be honest here, I liked the graphics and the cute little cube thingies... (I will admit that I'm not a true fan of Tetris or of puzzle games.) It's not THAT bad a game, more like okay or just average. It grew on me.

They did break it with the "although it has been put down it still can change its position" thing. Too easy. I didn't like the digital voice at the back, "Single" sounded like "sicko." (A digitised voice sounds whenever you demolish a line etc of blocks.)

I have mixed reactions on this one. Not a challenge, more like a game to relax. Brings memories of me playing it on my gameboy. You get a bit of satisfaction seeing the scenery grow as you build up on your score.

Recommended for first timers on Tetris and puzzle genre games. Not good for the experts, they'll hate this.