Best mobile version that I know of

User Rating: 7 | Tetris Worlds GBA
Heck, if you have never played tetris up until know then you're missing out . But if you have and want the best version that I know of , maybe even on par with tetris worlds on xbox/ps2 , get it. I haven't seen at the usual game stores so you'll have a better chance on ebay or something. Although, there's a small glitch in my copy of the game but not enough to disrupt gameplay, I would test the game and play until you lose at least once. If your satisfied then you'll enjoy your investment. Also, I 'm not aware of any save features were it saves your high-score. Again it might just be my copy because mines is used so these issues might be unique to me. Ah, what else.This game is just simple fun , pick up and go type gameplay.I've even played while walking, trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds. Myself , I stuck with the classic mode but there's may variations of the basic game.I've played the tetris for the first gameboy system in the 90's and found it to be much more difficult than this one and not nearly as forgiving. Even though, this is still a updated classic in my book. Right now I cant think if there was a "multiplayer" option because I'm the only one that I know of that plays this type of video game , so I haven't payed any attention to any multiplayer options.