Good....but not great!

User Rating: 5.5 | Tetris Worlds PS2
Tetris Worlds is by no means a must have Tetris game but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try if you like Tetris. I personally wished the creators would've made it more like The Next Tetris (PSX, which in my opinion is the best Tetris to date) which offered a totally new way to play Tetris that had never been seen before, it was/still is highly addictive to play. However Tetris Worlds is not completely lacking in bringing something new to the world of Tetris, you can customize your very own avatar who reacts while you play, you also can gain items (extras) to put on your avatar by completing levels or getting a rank up. There are also some unique variations on Tetris itself as well such as hotline tetris, fusion tetris, and sticky tetris just to name a few. My favorite thing about Tetris Worlds is the female voice who basically narrates your progress saying "Tetris" when you get it & so forth, she also counts down the last 10 seconds as you run out of time, when trying to beat a level or rank up.