Great game, crappy online mode.

User Rating: 7.6 | Tetris Evolution X360
Tetris. The series has endured for nearly as long as post-crash console gaming itself. Now, decades after the classic was unleashed on the Game Boy, the next generation gets its first Tetris game. However, it's something of a mixed bag.

I'm not going to insult anyone and describe the game of Tetris to the people on this website. Tetris is too ubiquitous in the gaming world to like it's something new. Indeed, the simple line-clearing game has been enjoyed by folks young and old for two decades now. No, whoever wants to buy this is interested in how the game is handled in this new version.

A wealth of variants are available for play, from the original game that started it all to new modes like Eraser and Go Low. Most of them are as much of a blast to play as the original, but Go Low seems not to have much of a focus compared to the others, and the objective wasn't very clearly described in the manual or in the in-game guide. Controls are precise and easy to learn, and customization rules the day. One of the coolest features is the ability to change the amount of time a piece is movable after landing. Hardcore Tetris gamers will be happy to know that the strict limitation of older versions is available here, along with the current Infinite standard and a middle ground between the two.

The game is a blast to play, but it's marred by one thing: a lousy online interface. It's impossible to create a private match, for one. Quick Match searches will only look for results from the previous Custom Match search. As a result, most people are only playing Marathon in multi-player. This is a shame, since the game itself is as awesome as ever and plays without lag. Playing online in Marathon mode is especially awesome, since the garbage block distribution makes them much harder to clear than they were in Tetris DS, making it important to load an opponent's side with them before they get a chance to respond.

Even with small online issues, it's hard not to recommend this one. A wealth of gameplay modes and tight controls in game, Tetris Evolution is an awesome pick for any Tetris fan.