Tetris Blast Cheats For Game Boy

  1. See the Credits (Japanese Version)

    Enter the credits in the password option.

    Effect Effect
    UCBPNIJF Credits

    Contributed by: doommaster1994 

  2. Level 2 Password

    Enter the following password: ZFFFJJJF

    Effect Effect
    YGCPDDHL Level 10
    GVMYLLCJ Level 11
    V/JVDDGK Level 12
    CJXTBBCF Level 13
    !L.YLKKL Level 14
    LXWTBMMB Level 15
    VSRPDCCH Level 16
    KBCDTFDF Level 17
    XDFGYKJF Level 18
    F!CDTFCM Level 19
    ZFFFJJJF Level 2
    TTGHPMJB Level 20
    DBVGYKGD Level 21
    .JRCRCKBM Level 22
    CY/BPMHF Level 23
    ?!JWTFJK Level 28
    FKWTPMDH Level 29
    B/MMLLKB Level 3
    LVRPRCFG Level 31
    VS.YYKMF Level 32
    MGFGLYLF Level 33
    XSDDGGDM Level 4
    ZCYXJVMH Level 46
    KCWGLLHK Level 5
    VBHKTSKM Level 50
    VG.LJJDM Level 6
    K.TDGGMF Level 7
    XZSCDDKK Level 8
    DFMYLLDD Level 9

    Contributed by: ReyVGM, Retro, Land of GameCubes 

  3. Extra contest mode levels

    Complete the first 25 levels to see the credits and get a password. Use this password to access 25 more levels. After beating level 50 and seeing the other credits, use the password you get to start the game over with new pieces.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat level 25 and watch the credits to get a password to open up level 50. Beat level 50 and watch the credits to get a password to unlock new pieces. Extra Contest Mode Levels

    Contributed by: Unacat 

  4. Fight 2 Mode

    At the Title Screen press B, B, B, B, B, Start.

    Effect Effect
    At the Title Screen press B, B, B, B, B, Start. Fight 2 Mode

    Contributed by: matt91486 

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