I hated the original Tetris, but I absolutely loved Tetris Attack.

User Rating: 9.3 | Tetris Attack SNES
Graphics (12.5%) – 10
Controls (15%) - 10
Variety (25%) - 9
Replay (25%) - 10
Sound (7.5%) - 8
Depth (15%) - 8


Graphics – 10
Colourful blocks, nice backgrounds, sweet effects. The graphics in Tetris Attack are about as nice as you can get them in a puzzle game.

Controls – 10
It’s easy to switch blocks and raise the stack. Very simple and quick to pick up if you’re just learning it. And it definitely beats the flipping around shapes of the original Tetris and trying to make lines, which I hated. In Tetris attack, all you have to do is flip two blocks at a time and line up a minimum of three.

Variety – 9
In story mode, each level has a different character you are playing against. Battles and dropping a thick piece of “garbage” onto your opponent’s screen is the best part of the game. There is also the endless play that just allows you to play until it gets too fast and you can’t any more. There are also time trial, puzzle, and versus modes, and a great multiplayer as well. Though as a puzzle game, you are pretty much stuck doing the same thing over and over again.

Replay – 10
When I got Tetris Attack, I was probably playing it for a few months straight. It is addictive and always fun. The better you get, the more challenging modes you can handle, which makes Tetris Attack into a bit of an adrenaline ride, trying to push your limits as your stack gets frantically close to the top of the screen, and getting a "STOP!" just before you lose.

Sound – 8
While Tetris Attack has a decent soundtrack and good sound effects, the character voices every time you make a combo starts to get moderately annoying. Some more than others. The music changing to a much more frantic tune every time you get close to losing gets on your nerves too. The awesome effects when you make huge chains and combos makes up for it somewhat though.

Depth – 8
As with variety, it’s just hard to add depth into a puzzle game. They did a good job by creating a story mode with a lot of different characters, however. Even if playing Tetris against everyone in the land in an attempt to make the flooding stop doesn’t quite sound like a flawless plan.

Overall – 9.3
Tetris Attack is the best puzzle game I have ever played. Nothing beats throwing down a massive skill chain combo.