This has worst addictive effect than Crack.......

User Rating: 9.6 | Tetris Attack SNES
To few games have the characteristics to be called crack-addictive. This one has all the merits and kinda beyond.
Since the ORIGINAL tetris, there have been a lot of attempts to become the next puzzle.
This one has a very simple idea. Get 3 blocks together and they dissapear. Do more and equals more points, and maybe chains.

Different from tetris, you dont place your pieces. There is a pile of blocks and you just switch them side by side to make your blocks dissapear.
The music is nice, and the idea that you get different characters gives an extra point. The story is lame and cheesy but in this kind of games, that is the least important.
Try it 20 minutes in versus with some friend of you, then try not to play it... Believe me. IT IS HARD