Clever spin on the all-time classic Tetris with Nintendo's signature flare. Now Tetris is even more like crack.

User Rating: 10 | Tetris Attack SNES
Prior to Tetris Attack, most Tetris games and knockoffs were based off the original - various shapes fall from the heavens and you have to find a place for them. Well TA has whole lines that ascend from the bottom, and you match colors instead, using a dual-square cursor to manipulate the colored squares. And the main goal is chains, chains, chains. Matching colors is easy but matching them to make falling blocks from lines above turn into more matches is the real challenge.

With the basic modes (endless, time trial, puzzle), you've got the coup de grace, the heart & soul, the very mode this game was named for, Versus. As Yoshi, you must save the world from Bowser... big surprise... and you must persuade many characters along the way to aid you in your quest. Persuasion tactic of choice? Dropping hunks of stone on them by performing chains.

Refreshing addition to the Tetris repertoire and, imo, much more fun to play. Easy and addicitve for all ages.