An amazingly addictive game, Tetris Attack will have you playing for hours.

User Rating: 9 | Tetris Attack SNES
Tetris Attack
Platform: SNES
Tetris Attack is an extremely fun yet underrated puzzle game. The gameplay is literally the exact same as Pokemon Puzzle Challenge for the GBC, except with Yoshi as the main concept. If you've never play Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, then I'll just save you some time and tell you that Tetris Attack is one of the most addicting puzzle games known to man. To play this game, you must first forget everything you know about Tetris. Instead, it is more of a "move blocks around until you get 3 in a row" sort of game. There are five modes; Endless, Time Trial, Stage Clear, Puzzle, and Vs. The game can also be played with two players.
Final Score: 9
It may seem a very simple game at first, but the fun continues for a quite a long time. The inclusion of some remixed Yoshi's Island tunes doesn't hurt, either.