Combine colorful blocks, cutsey characters, and angry bricks, and somehow you come up with this addictive game

User Rating: 9.3 | Tetris Attack SNES
The sound of fanfare and my opponents whooping made me jump. I frantically switched blocks to make room at the top. A slamming noise, and all my blocks smushed up against the roof. I flipped some squares and desperately attempted to alleviate the pressure, but I wasn't fast enough. There was a little jingle, my Lakitu died, and my friend proceeded with the trash talk. I smiled, amused him a bit, and bent over double, ready to redeem myself in the next game.

The game is deceptively simple. You can switch 2 blocks at a time, only horizontally, and you attempt to get 3 in a row. Getting any more than 3, or chaining your matches drops bricks on the top of your opponent. As blocks scroll up from the bottom, if they squish against the top for too long, you lose. Removing a brick is as simple as making a match next to it. The brick turns into blocks, which, if your fast, you can chain together to drop a brick on your opponent. Simple, no?

Then it gets fun. You are constantly searching about, looking for the next chain opportunity or making a 4 match instead of a 3 after a few switches. You pound your controller, hoping to God that you can make it to that match before you lose. It's fast and frenzied puzzling, a contest to drop the hammer on your opponent before he hammers you. You can also play against the AI, and while it's moderately competent, nothing beats playing against a friend. There is also a survival mode, and a puzzle mode where you need to clear all the blocks out in a set amount of moves. But mainly, its all about the 2 player mode.

Gameplay: 10
There are very few games I think deserve a 10, and this is it. I used to dream about perfect matches in my sleep, I would imagine my best friends face as I creamed him, I would hear the sounds of fanfare and character taunts in my ears. Few games have this effect on me, and its a hallmark that it is able to do so.

Graphics: 7
Everything is bright and cartoony and lovable, but there are definately no times when the graphics do anything other than what they are intended for: displaying the puzzle. Sound: 9
The distinctive taunts, the sounds of switching, the pop pop pop of matches, and the slam of bricks are in the backround constantly, yet they never really get old

Replay Value: Against a computer, 5. Against a live opponent, 9
Against a comp it gets old pretty fast, but against a live opponent, it never ever gets old, unlike a bunch of deathmatch shooters or some RTS's. Reviewers Tilt: 10
Well, I absolutely love the game, rest assured when it comes on Wii I will be the first to download it. So that explains that.