Tetris 2 rides in on the coattails of its predecessor, offering little more than a disappointing remake of a classic.

User Rating: 5 | Tetris Flash NES
Never heard of Tetris 2? There's a good explanation for that -- the game is an absolute tragedy.

The game opens to a title screen where you get to select the number of players (Solo, 1 vs. 1, or 1 vs. Computer). At first glance, it's a pleasant surprise. After all, it certainly sounds fun to play a two player game of Tetris. However, once you've made your selection there, you're taken to a screen to choose your level and music. Sadly, the game was given an obviously uninspired set of tracks to choose from.

The layout of Tetris 2 is nearly identical to that in Tetris. The game play is similar, however, rather than stacking the blocks to make horizontal lines, the object is to stack the blocks to match colors in groups of three or more. For an added twist, there are special blocks placed at different locations at the beginning of each level that you must clear before advancing. In an apparent attempt to make the game more frustrating, the programmers threw in some sporadic action blocks take when dropped and when cleared: sometimes they fall, others they don't.

Overall, the game has the appearance of something that was rushed through production, with poor graphics and game play that feels more like a bad flash game. If you manage to find one for less than $3, you may as well pick it up for the collection, but don't be disappointed when it ends up collecting dust.