Test Drive could of been a good game if the collision detection was better and If the car handling was better.

User Rating: 5 | Test Drive PS2
(+) Good visuals, pong match loading screen, watching the AI wreck is hilarious.

(-) Skittish car handling, difficulty story mode, collision detection is bad, The AI try to knock you off the track.

Test Drives story mode is about a guy named Denis Black is hired to race for someone in an organization called Test Drive for disguise from the law. In order to advance in story mode you have to get at least third place and if you don't you can either try the race again or quit and your boss would get disappointed and temporary fire you. The voice clips in story mode are good some are kind of funny too.

The controls have quite a few flaws in Test Drive for instance if you wanted to change your camera view you would have to press the triangle button while you have to hold in the x button for acceleration, The handling in this game is also bad the turning controls are skittish so it makes this game even more difficult than it should be. The game also has poor collision detection for example if you hit a car or a tree your car will spin out and practically cause you to lose the race.

The graphics were decent the levels and cars looked good. The sound is okay it is about what you would expect out of a racing game music playing while you drive there doesn't seem to be that many music tracks though.

There are also single player race mode and a two player mode in this game. In the single race mode you can set up a race and play for fun. You would most likely not be a very good friend if you made your friend play the multiplayer mode because the flaws in this game make the mode practically useless.

Test Drive was almost a decent game but, the poor collision detection and the skittish handling of the cars made this game just mediocre at best so rent this game first so you won't be too disappointed.