this game is banging.

User Rating: 9 | Test Drive PC
test drive the video game this game is not the best racing game but it packs the FALCON PUNCH! out of any classic 2002 racing game to date.there are 80 race street race tracks to choose from. u play as this characher called dennis black which u work for a total noob that wants u to get his cars back.there are also 4 city or sites to go to like tokyo, san fransico, london and last monte carlo.there are about 25 cars to choose from like ford gt dodge concept and so on. to unlock track and cars and city u go to the story mode.the game is kinda challenging in a way.controls on keyboard the controls arnt the bad but the steering wheels controls are pretty bad.last question is this game a buy or rent game. buy it just buy it or else.
control 7
gameplay 10
sound 7
graphics 9
overall 9 if u like this game try test drive unlimted.