Fast Paced Action!!!

User Rating: 9.1 | Test Drive PS2
Test Drive for the PS2 is a racing game that is both fun and challenging. The game finds a great way to mix a story that doesn't always make sense and fun racing together to create a game that rivals the likes of the Burnout series. The racing action is great; there are high speed crashes and even cop chases. The environments seem all to real. The game itself looks great, not as great as Gran Turismo 4, but great considering it is a budget game and it was made in early 2002. The soundtrack is great. It features mostly hip-hop, that sets the stage for great racing. The story is a little loose and doesn't modivate you to find out more, but with all the unlockable vehicles and challenges it is hard just to put this game down. The game features three diffenent types of races. The first one is circuit. That is where you drive around a track for two or more laps. The second one is linear. In this mode you race on a track for only one lap. The final type of race is drag. Drag races are done in manuel mode so you are forced to shift hte gears. But this just makes the game more exciting. Combine all of these races and features into a decent story with alot of different vehicles and unlockables and you have your self a great game. I would recommend this game to anyone with a PS2 or if someone has already finished Burnout 3 and wants a new challenge.