Test drive overdrive is a good game, but can't compare to Need for speed or Midnight Club.

User Rating: 7 | Test Drive PS2
Test drive overdrive is Atari's response to need for speed hopt pursuit 2, and wasn't so bad. It had many cars, and very many race types.

Just like need for speed hot pursuit 2 it had normal racing and Pursuit racing. It also had drag racing which was only availible in the manual transmision.

As the game was made by Atari and it had a rather large wait between the loading starting, and finishing, you were able to play ping pong while it was doing so. This was quite a good feature, but didn't win over most of the fans.

The multiplayer was great, as it has loads of cars and quite a few modes. This is great if you like playing with friends and family, but otherwise, it isn't needed as much.

I think this game is good, but not good enough to beat Need for speed or Midnight Club.

Graphics......... 6
Gameplay....... 7
Controls.......... 8
Features......... 7

Overall............ 7 / 10