test drive is a race game

User Rating: 9 | Test Drive Unlimited PSP
in test drive you come on a island. at the airport you can rent a car to do races. after you won you first race you will get cash, after a couple races you will get enough cash to buy a car. you also can buy a house with a garage to put you cars into it. the larger the house the bigger the garage. you will also by invited to clubs to challenge them until you are president of the club. I will advise you to not spent al your money an houses but on cars.
because after the last races(If you have won them all) you will get all the houses an the island. the island it self is very large. one of the races toke my almost a 1 hour to finish it(this is a race around the island). the graphics are good to. after you have the game out. you can still ride free on the island and play a little bit with the police :)