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User Rating: 7 | Test Drive Unlimited X360
While receiving a lot of criticism Atari and Eden studios should be praised for creating an huge open world environment, which never feels repetitive or uninteresting. The environment-The Island looks great and has a diverse array of landscapes, beaches, mountains, the city of Honolulu and even a crater. The roads don't quite look right when you look close, and the graphics aren't on par with some of the more hardcore racing sims but these aren't bad either.

The cars- There is a healthy selection of cars here from the usual bunch (Ferraris and Lamborghinis) as well as a few more unusual ones ( Ascari and Noble) it also has a few cars you wouldn't associate with fast paced racing games like Audi and ford(excluding the Gt of course). For good measure they've thrown in some motorcycles from brands like Ducati and Kawasaki. Also included are several concept cars which are unlocked through the game(most are tied to achievements)

Racing- You can dress it up however you want but a racing game without good races is very poor. Luckily Test drive unlimited has some great race modes. From bog standard race race and time trials there's also eliminator races, speed trap races and courier races. Theres 220 races in all in the game and they start easy and as you complete them and rise up the four difficulty settings the races get harder with restraints on the amount of damage you can take, although there's no damage modeling. One interesting twist is police presence, if you crash into two cars in quick succession police will come after you. There's three levels of police activity and each one brings more cars(and roadblocks at level three). While they only come after you it's a good diversion. Other races include delivering someone else's car to a mechanic and the amount of money you receive decreases as the car gets damaged. Misc.- Cars can be upgraded with one of three different packs at their respective tuners. Some of these change the appearance of your car but other than that the only field of your cars appearance that you can change is the colour. The factory presets for colour are generally good but for a extra fee you can custom paint them with a colour chart which has either matte or metallic paint options. Theres also an highlight paint. If you like your car theres a good photo mode which has a decent variety of options in it. There is a house system, complete with estate agents, where you store your cars and access info about the achievments as well as your wardrobe. You can Change your characters face and head size as well as purchase a variety of different clothes and costumes for your character. One odd feature is that you have to drive somewhere before you can fast travel there via the games map. The achievements are a great mix off easy and hard to get and each one has a suitable points reward Bad points- It's only ever day on Oahu, the Hawaiian island the game is set on, and after a while it gets a bit repetitive. Until you get a good car the game is not much fun, although the game has a good tutorial. The traffic system has a tendency to crash but it's hard to tell if that's intentional or not. On the same thread the traffic has an incredibly irritating habit off swerving into your car. Conclusion- This is a fantastic game although I advise you rent it first as the open play style is not to everyone's tastes and it does take a while to really get warmed up. However if you persevere through the shaky start you be rewarded with one of the greatest video games you've ever played. I have fun palying this game I hope you to :D