I don't get it! What's wrong with this? It's fun alright!

User Rating: 8.5 | Test Drive 6 PS
The Test Drive series, busted by its sixth installment! But why? I don't know. The graphics are just fine and better than Need for Speed: High Stakes, soundtrack is just.... A little lame, but I find "Captain Cocktail" catchy! Gameplay is a bit good, some race tracks are lamer and more boring than in Test Drive 5! Some racetracks are from Test Drive 5, such as England (Cheddar Gorge, England), Newcastle (Newcastle, England), Carribean (I forgot), Switzerland (Bern, Switzerland), and more. I really liked the Hong Kong track, but I don't like the place in real life. Anyway, back to gameplay... All cars have imperfections, even their signature car, Dodge Viper. The Lotus Elise has some sort of a Wide body kit! It looks like the GT-1 version, the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 has a narrow front, it looks nothing like an R34 in real life! The Saleen Mustang S351 is my favorite of them all, although it's shorter and better than in real life. The Subaru Impreza 22B STi is my third favorite, and it's rear fascia looks nothing as the real one! See! Lots of flaws! The civvies? Hmm... are stupid, they slam their cars into the walls whenever a police cars flashes it's sirens or the player car blows its horns! They even smash each other in intersections! They can even be annoying if they get on your way and crash, tossing the civilian car 10 to 30 feet in the air or even make an "aftertouch" (it's a term in Burnout: Takedown, where you, or the opponent, makes a collision or crash to another car after the player car, or any opponent, crashed into something). The police are hard to destroy or crash, they're like tanks if you shunt them at the back real hard, just to find out the cop car is still okay! The cars are best if it's upgraded to the max! I really had a time of my life after I first upgraded a Dodge Viper GTS-R to it's limits! Changing the transmission makes no difference in top speed! All you need here is a keen sense of direction and agility to dodge civilian cars! All in all, 8 goes for its gameplay, .5 for sountrack, and the missing 1.5 is for the flaws!