This game sucks so bad, it took all my courage to play it from start to finish.

User Rating: 3 | Test Drive 6 PS
Lets begin with the crappy graphics first, even though i realize this is on the playstation it still looks worse then a low budget N64 game. Considering the horrible looks, the gameplay is short of a stick and is not on par with the rest of the series. You would think that by the 6th time around this game should be perfected, but it looks as though Atari is just making them faster than they can sell them. Shockingly enough a few of the older games in the series is pretty fun, only because they took the racing genre to shorter but higher level. With Need for speed high on its tail, atari would at least try and have the right mind to produce a great game and persuade gamers over from NFS, but it seems thats not the case, and its dissapointing.