Bad...but in a fun way!

User Rating: 5.2 | Test Drive 6 PC
This game sucks. There really isn't any real way to argue that this game is superior to a simulation racing like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport (in Test Drive 6's defense, this wasn't intended as a simulator.) Their also isn't really any way to argue that this game does well as an arcade racer, comparable to Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Daytona USA for the Dreamcast. I really cannot recommend the console versions at all. This game's only saving graces are for the PC (even though it is still pretty abysmal.) Here's a list of the pros and cons of this game:


Fast load times (even for lower-end laptops)

Limited to No slowdown

Perfect game for laptops
(no 3d card or CD-Rom disk required to play after initial installation)

Decent techno soundtrack

Simple controls

Cheap buy (usually $5 in a bargain bin NEW)


Lame collision detection (think bumper car physics like in Gran Turismo except you can DRIVE THROUGH LAMPOSTS in certain levels

Bad graphics. The veichles all look like boxes with wheels (other games at this time for the PC didn't contain graphics like this unless it was a budget title.

Usually too easy for most racing fans

Not enough game modes

Overall, worth the purchase price of $5 new. Provides decent amount of entertainment for the investment. The ability to play it on 90% plus PC systems is also a plus (worked on a lousy high school computer!)

Check it out!