Test Drive 6 Races Hard on the Dreamcast, But Doesn't Copy the Greatness of the PlayStation version, But is still fun

User Rating: 9.3 | Test Drive 6 DC
Test Drive 6 was also ported to Sega Dreamcast. It got even worse ratings on the Dreamcast. Like the PlayStation version, you have all the cars and the tracks, plus all the modifications and soundtrack. However, there are some slight differences I will point out.

The graphics are nice just like the PS version, just a little bit more choppy, and yet there are no headlights lit in this version, making the darkness of the BWD courses a bit lighter. The PS version had the cars' headlights shown. There is some bad graphic pop-ups here and there. But it still looks okay, in my opinion.

Sound is a little worse than the PS version. First off, all the cars' accelerations sound the same, and yet none different, they have the same sounds, which is sort of boring to a certain degree. The other effects are okay though, but when you got to a buy/sell/change car screen, you won't hear that car noise that is heard on the PS version.

The loading is a lot faster than the PS version, and yet the spinning disc is more realistic when it spins arounds. Like the PS version, you just keep going for it if you are a fan. Test Drive 6 is good on the Dreamcast, but could do a little better.