My basic overview of the game

User Rating: 9 | Terraria PC
As simple as the graphics are and with a file size of about 16 mb it doesn't seem a game like this would compare to any of the blockbuster games that have come out near the end of 2011 but it's still a game I love to play to waste some time when you get burned out on them or want to mix it up a little. Terraria is the perfect game for just that... when you've played a lot of the games that matter and you don't really feel like grinding them out more this is a good time killer.

It makes you feel you belong in this 2d pixelated world and your there to make your home and eventually a base from the ground you mine and seek out rare items underground while battling all sorts of monsters with little details throughout the game that can surprise you.

What makes it even more enjoyable is if you have someone to play with and a lot of the times they will run a sale on this little gem bringing it down to a very affordable $5.