Terraria console PSVita epic failed may contain virus!

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At first I play many games in PSVita and nothing problem, no errors the game run smooth as I just buy the console in Dubai Dec 2014 in new condition from Virgin Store. I play lot of title in duration 4-5hr in a days and then I recharge the battery I took care of my console. And then I decided to buy this game Terraria based from review including from Gamespot. The first I download I play it it was fine, the game has several update until currently 1.07 but when I try to play online the first time a first error in my Vita occured, which is the (right) analog uncontrolled. When I search the forum it happens not just me many are console users complained the same and still no answer from developer. What be the problem is the error in fact is affecting the console, so it's not only Terraria but it's from Terraria because I can't play majorly the racing game I use to play before such as WRC 4, NFS: MW, MXGP because it affecting the camera it's uncontrolled now. Please Terraria Developer don't destroy the game with an updates or even conflicting the console I will appreciate it.