Terrible, just terrible. An utter disappointment that fails to capture the spirit of post-apocalyptic freedom fighters.

User Rating: 2.5 | Terminator Salvation PC
I truly hate to expend any energy on reviewing this game. So, as follows is a list exposing its failings. Uninspired, linear game play that robs the player of the ability to dictate how battles will be fought. An extremely limited arsenal that limits the player to essentially three weapon types. Where's the excitement in building your own custom arsenal?! Virtually useless AI, both ally and foe. Every character seems to share the same boring AI that doesn't even vaguely mimic real human behavior or that of an intelligent machine race that poses to conquer the planet. I've run out of words that can convey how thoroughly disappointed and disgusted I am with this game. It lacks nearly everything that a good post-apocalyptic shooter should have. We wanted the freedom to explore, decisions on how we would choose to fight the machines on our own terms, items to collect, characters attributes to develop, vehicles to drive, an extensive array of weapons to select from, and on, and on... can I get an amen! What a shameful debacle that sullies the action genre. The designers should be ashamed having failed so spectacularly and therefore should commit seppuku.