what should i have to say? it's a game that HAD alot of potential

User Rating: 7 | Terminator Salvation PS3
well let's put it this way, has their been a good terminator game in the past like 10 years? nope, it's got a terrific story and it should be a game that can be made with extreme action and an amazing story to it,but again, nobody can make a good f**kin terminator game these days, terminator dawn of fate was okay, that one has been the best one to date but it's still not that good, terminator 3 was a complete dissaster and should be taken off the shevles in general hell it shouldn't have even been released, redemption was kind of a bit of redemption but failed to keep you entertained for very long, same with this one, same boring action sequences same dumbass enemies, the flow of the game is good, but their variety and originality and creativeness is what kills it, you need more then good flowing scenes and a decent look to make a good game, personally iv given up on everything that involves a terminator game another game to toss in the pile of other useless terminator games, which means all the terminator games to sum it up.