Waited for a long time... and it was worth the waiting. Simply all i ever needed in MMO, is here. Hihly recommended!

User Rating: 9.5 | TERA PC
Can't say is it plot, or graphic, or playability, what amaze me more. It's to early to say but it is so promising. And i can't wait to see more. Every level is a joy, every piece of equipment as well. Still discovering many of the options i don't even know how to use but I'm already so addicted by simplicity and the way of learning curve. One more thing is really for respect. And that is the way how well the game is optimized so it's working good and look so good even on slower computers. Bluehole Studio Keep Up the good work! After playing games like more than 30 years, and I've played games on different platforms. Among them are consoles as well, so i can compare console feel of arcade playing with battle system from TERA. And it really have that feeling. This is simply one of the the best games i ever played. Period!