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Just curious for those who have started playing this game, Are you enjoying it?
How much is it monthly to play?

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I'm enjoying it, but I know I'm not going to be playing it that much after May 15th (Diablo if you didn't know).  Plus, Guild Wars is coming up too and I doubt this game is going to be compete well for my attention.  In the meantime though, the game is fun.


And to answer your other question, $14.99 a month.

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Alright, Thanks alot !

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I think its better than both GW and Diablo and the graphics are amazing and gameplay is so much fun. Try it you'll enjoy it.
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The gameplay is top notch, the graphics are beautiful - for any game, let alone an MMO - and the community is extremely pleasant (at present). I haven't been as impressed by an MMO in such a way for almost a decade, and I've played and enjoyed many of them.

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The game is simply breathtakingly fresh.

I havn't been this engaged in an MMO since the vanilla WoW back in 2004. The combat system, while isn't exactly revolutionary to games themselves, is very fresh to the world of MMOs. The Graphics are to my experiance the most beautiful of MMOs. The professions/crafting/gathering from what I've gathered so far (i have a 42 zerker atm) are simple, useful and intuitive.
The music is excellent, although I rarely play MMOs anymore without my personal choice of music playing on Winamp (paused for cutscenes :P)
I have yet to experiance PvP combat (or even a dual for that matter) so I can't offer any insight into that.
Questing is what you'd expect from any MMO, although it's broken down slightly different than other's have done it.
The game has an incredibly high skill cap... normally in games like SWTOR, EVERQUEST and WoW, if a mob is too strong for you, no amount of player skill or strategy will bring that mob down, in Tera you can very possibly solo some very strong mobs that otherwise are reccomended for 4-5 man groups, I've personally done it several times, but it does require almost perfect execution and it's definitely not easy.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe you can download the game and play for 4 days free with $0.00 dollars from your pocket, so give the game a try, I'm certain you will not be dissapointed.

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Almost forgot to comment on the community! One of the most important parts of an MMO!

Tera has hands down one of the most actively respectful communities I've had the pleasure of playing with. Not only are there plenty of skilled players (unlike the abbysmal SWTOR community) but they are almost all 100% incredibly kind people. I have yet to have ANY issues with ANYONE in area (general) chat, or anyone I've partied with.
The GMs are also fantastic people, who hang around and mingle with the community during the day answering questions and such.
Quite simply the most player friendly environment I've had the pleasure of being a part of. I just hope it's not tainted by other's growing tired of WoW and SWTOR switching over.

I would just like to say... why in the hell is the SWTOR community such garbage? haha. One of the strongest reasons I quite playing.

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Playing a Slayer at the moment, level 34. Im enjoying Tera, but I wont lie, theres been moments where Ive wanted to quit due to standard MMO quest types where you have to kill 10 monsters or collect 30 ore boring me to hell and back. Im now a few levels over the suggested level needed for most of these quests, so Im able to complete these quests in under 10 mins which is schweet. The main issue at the moment is alotta content is being held back, like the cash shop, battlegrounds and nexus. That aside, Ive just started getting into crafting, enchanting and dueling other players. For now Im happy with this, where ever I go theres tons of players, everyones more then happy to form a party and being on a PvP server spices things up a bit. But like most MMOs, youll always find something to be desired, for thats the nature of the beast. I suspect Ill continue playing for several months, if not more. Gotta see how the endgame plays out ^^
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Man don't enchant anything till you hit 60. You will need all the money you have when you hit 60 because you will need +9 t14 set to do kn and LoT.