Nationalistic **LL**IT

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"We block IP addresses used by hackers

En Massewill block IPs based on region. Asia, Africa,Russia, and the Middle East are included on the block list. While we appreciate that there are players in these regions who would enjoy playing on En Masse servers, it's unfortunate that the vast majority of Internet traffic we see from these regions are from cyber-criminals relating to account theft, gold-farming and other hacking behavior.

What about proxies?

Services that promise to improve your ping and decrease lag may sound promising, but they are frequently used by hackers and criminals who want to remain anonymous. Although we do not block them by default, a proxy or server host will be blocked if it becomes a popular tool for criminal behavior."

Really??? Me (30 years old cinematographer, who dreaming everyday how to farm, bot and do other hacking) and other people too, absolutely ALL of them.

Yes, there is an IP block for certain countries for TERA in Europe. The following countries won't be able to access our Frogster servers for TERA in Europe: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine.

At least those guys knows, what tolerance means. But any way, this is pure freaking nationalism...i hope, i'll meet someday those people.

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Maybe if the country and region you lived in took a stronger stance against cyber criminals, hackers, and online scammers, instead of sheltering them and aiding them, you wouldn't be in this situation..until then, I fully support En Masse's decision on this issue. 2/3 of all cyber crime committed against citizens of the United States occurs overseas...cry moar.