Censored"Westernized", Grindy, Lack of Content?

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No thanks! Recycled dungeons have to be done over and over again just to get items. Then the enchantment system that screwed up thanks to En-Masse removing some crystals along with some quest that involved eggs. Recycled mobs and bosses dyed silver in a laggy event called Nexus that can bring your computer to a crawl(if it's junk). Just not enough stuff to do inside the game than grind, enchant, and PvP. The Elin's are constantly censored due to some idiotic gut-reactions about asian cartoon characters. Publishers did this. Still can pick up a single-copy game like HyperDimension MK2 and play it fully in all it's asian glory. Really stupid here. En-Masse Entertainment apparently hates asian culture( self-appointed experts of it too in the entire market of both games and media entertainment of these franchises) and wants that to be enforced in their pseudo World of Warcraft wannabe game. Selfishness wrecking potential games in the future because of their idiotic statements. Publishers are jerks about it a lot on the forums too and chase away players about the elin at any given opportunity. Players who don't like anime or moe culture at all are no different and they show their a-hole faces too. Exclusively leave the elin out of all promotions save for a race video (after fans questioned continuously why the character was always being left out) and in a bathing-suit picture in which they hit players for $14.99 for a Japanese Mizugi bathing-suit. Players fly-by through the game and hit level 60 with nothing else to do. Forums suck, tasteless, bland and players just have bad attitudes all around (LFD tool is horrible elite-controlled and driven. Don't have +9 enchanted weapon or a certain class and get kick alot by morons). Forums are constantly over-moderated but in-game is slightly looser. Sometimes topics are just locked or disappear all-together. Makes it very unpleasant as other players can't even talk about other games without a Blue stepping in and locking/killing threads. The cash-shop charges as much or even more than the subscription. En-Masse is constantly hitting the player's wallet for cash. $9.99-$24.00 for one character-binded item. Ontop of a subscription. Tera is that example of a game where the West pretended to be a "cool kid" and went on screwing a once potentially good Korean Game.
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Dude they don't require you to buy the in store stuff its optional you still get everything the game has to offer granted I do agree it is a ripoff to charge $10 for a weapon skin but you're not forced to buy it.So why does it matter Tera is fun and alot better than playing the usual boring turn based mmos except wow I will always like it.
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The last thing the internet needs is moderation. I'm mature enough to just ignore trolls etc. That's stuff you were supposed to learn in elementary school.