Tentacles Cheats For Windows Mobile

  1. Achievements

    Complete a "No Damage" challenge Artful Dodger (5)
    Take over the prefrontal cortex Eye Candy (15)
    Kill the King of the spleen Eye for an Eye (10)
    Take over the duodenum In a Nut Shell (15)
    Rip out an eye Jack the Ripper (5)
    Complete a level without collecting any pickups at all Limbo (5)
    Complete all levels without dying Mr. Immortal (10)
    Get 3 stars on all levels Napoleon (20)
    Make a perfect run Perfection (5)
    Collect all pickups in the game Pickup Truck (10)
    Complete a level without taking any damage Play it Safe (10)
    Kill Mama Amygdala Shell Out (10)
    Eat 5 eyes super fast! Slay Away (10)
    Defeat Papa Cerebellum Slice N' Dice (15)
    Kill a Turtlepoodle Soupe a'la Turtle (5)
    Complete a time challenge Speed Devil (5)
    Complete the game Tentaculous (20)
    Escape Dr. Phluff's acid attack The Small Escape (10)
    Complete all challenges When I Say Jump (10)
    Defeat the Queen of the Colon Worm Eater (5)

    Contributed by: Guard Master