Tennis no Oji-Sama 2005: Crystal Drive Cheats For DS

  1. Unlock Characters

    Clear the conditions to recieve the corresponding character.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Area singles with Mizuki Akazawa
    Clear Area Singles with Muromachi Akutsu
    Clear Iron Plate 3 Atobe
    Clear Top Of Lefty with Ryoma Dan
    Beat Kanto doubles With Shishido and Ootori Gakuto
    Clear Kantou Doubles with Sengoku and Akutsu Higashikata
    Clear King Of Strokers SV Singles Tournament Hiyoshi
    Clear Area Singles with Kamio Ibu
    Clear Iron Plate 1 Inui
    Clear Kantou Doubles with Kurabane and Saeki Itsuki
    Clear R-1 Kabaji
    Clear Seigaku Rankings Match Kaidou
    Clear Area MIX Kaneda
    Clear Area Match Doubles with Fuji and Kawamura Kikumaru
    Clear Maximum Overkill Singles with Ryoma Kirihara
    Clear Area Doubles with Fuji Brothers Kisarazu Atsushi
    Clear I-1 Minami
    Clear Open Cup Singles with Ryoma Mizuki
    Clear Kantou MIX with Seigaku Team B Oishi
    Clear Kantou Singles with Shishido Osh*tari
    Clear Area Doubles with Momoshiro and Kamio Sakurai
    Clear Junior Selection Sengoku
    Clear Iron Plate 2 (Doubles) Shinya
    Clear Kantou Singles with Ibu Tachibana
    Nationals Singles no miss clear using Ryoma (you cannot lose a single point) Tezuka

    Contributed by: aduckie, RobertN816, xXazn_romeoXx, alphawaki, Amuro0093 

  2. Goods

    Clear the conditions to receive the corresponding goods. The characters will wear them in the lower screen if turned on.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Nationals MIX with Yamabuki Team A Akutsu Jin's school uniform:
    Unlock Tachibana Ann as a coach Ann's school uniform
    Clear Nationals MIX with the Hyotei Team B Atobe's school uniform
    Clear Nationals MIX with the St. Rudolph Team Coach Mizuki's broom
    Clear Nationals Singles with Ryoma while having Nanjirou as the bench coach Coach Nanjirou's cat (Karupin)
    Clear Nationals MIX with Rikkaidai Team A Coach Sanada's sword:
    Clear Nationals Singles with Kabaji Kabaji's flashing light:
    Clear Nationals Singles with Kamio Kamio's headphones
    Clear Nationals Mix with Seigaku Team C Kawamura's Racquet

    Contributed by: Chubbyfetus 

  3. Coaches

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Kanto Singles with Kamio using Tachibana as the coach Ann
    Beat the Nationals Mix with Rokkaku A team Aoi
    Use Atobe as the player, Sakaki as computer partner, and beat the Maximum Overkill doubles Atobe
    Beat Ultimate Singles Inui
    Beat Open Cup Singles with Nanjirou using Ryoma as a coach Nanjirou
    Clean Open Cup Singles with any Mix Team Oji
    Unlock Smith Coach then pay Rinko when she appears in the shop Rinko
    Clear U-1 tournament (TR Singles) Ryoma
    Clear Iron Plate 3 Sakaki
    Buy all the goods that can be sold in the shop and then pay Smith to get him as coach Smith
    Beat the National Singles with Tezuka using Yamato as a coach Tezuka
    Beat Ultimate Doubles Yamato

    Contributed by: Chubbyfetus 

  4. Voice Cards

    Clear the conditions to recieve the corresponding voice cards

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Buy 256 unique trading cards by purchasing packs of random trading cards Echizen Ryoma
    Clear all tournaments except DUS and have the total of your best times be below 2 hours Fuji Syusuke
    Get 20 characters to high doubles level by feeding them the foods they like Inui Sadaharu
    Have a total of 5 hours spent in playing in tournaments Kaidou Kaoru
    Break 1000 total rackets in tournaments Kawamura Takashi
    Have 10 consecutive wins in the Underground tennis betting (in Smith's Shop) Kikumaru Eiji
    Have 30 hours total time spent playing in tournaments Momoshiro Takeshi
    Beat a tournament under 70 seconds (1 minute and 10 seconds) Oishi Syuichirou
    Win 10 straight matches in D.U.S. Tezuka Kunimitsu

    Contributed by: Chubbyfetus 

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