Awesome ninjas!!

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It's sweet to see people actually training in these methods, although the game might suck. I'd love to sneak around in the darkness and climb trees and crap.
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this game is timeless. the 2nd game i ever bought for the 360. its always on my list of games i go back to when i get saddened by the direction gaming has taken a turn for. it holds up to games made today. a shame no companies are exploring new titles in this series. an HD collection would be prime. especially considering the o.g. xbox game isnt backwards compatible.
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Definitely one of the best, if not THE best stealth game on the 360.

If it's not the best it is most certainly the best multiplayer stealth venture ever conceived.

The vast missions combined with skills, items and character customization make it a true gem.

I wish people still played it in surplus, there are still a lot of matches daily but it's waivered in the past 6 years.