Great feeling with the Wii remote. Worth more than Gamespot scores!

User Rating: 10 | Tenchu 4 WII
I tried this game with extremely low expectations since gamespot said it was bad. But I really needed a game for my Wii, Wii sports was getting boring. I bought this game. After playing a little bit of it (the game is on pause as I review this) I can say that this game is amazing. It's nothing like the reviewers are saying. The game was MADE for the Wii. You can stab people with your Wii remote, and in order to remove the blade from the corpse, you must twist the blade so it dismantles off the body. You can also break people's necks with the Wii remote, and I don't know...the action just feels great. The Wii remote, even though it is my second favourite consoles I own, is rather amazing. I actually hope that enough people who read this review believe me when I say that it is good. You might be thinking "Stop saying how good it is and tell me more of the good stuff!", I would be glad to! The storyline is simple. You must play the games before it to actually get some of it, but you are basically a ninja hired by a king to restore peace during times of war by investigating a conspiracy of betrayal to the king. One of the king's men hires a fortune teller to tell the future of the kingdom, the fortune teller was an imposter and kidnapped the Princess. You are thrown out into the world, with only your ninja skills in hand, to find her kidnappers and bring her back to the king, no matter what the challenges are ahead.

You should definately buy this game if you want to use the Wii remote a lot with tons of stabbing and neck breaking motions. It's really an amazing game, and it's worth the money.