Tenchu: Fatal Shadows Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Access the Tutorial with Ayame

    In order to gain access to the full tutorial with Ayame you must hold "L1" while selecting the Tutorial. No onscreen confirmation will be given but once the tutorial starts you will be using Ayame instead of Rin.

    Contributed by: Swiftshark 

  2. View Cutscenes with Armor on

    When viewing already unlocked cutscenes in the "Encyclopedia" section, press and hold "L2" while selecting a cutscene and when it loads you'll get to see Ayame or Rin wearing their Armor during it.

    Contributed by: Swiftshark 

  3. Instant Kill for Chapter 3 Boss Tatsukichi

    Run up to this boss, push towards them, and hit circle to perform a throw. Both Ayame and Rin will administer not their normal throw, but a neck-chop that instant kills this boss.

    Contributed by: stuntwill 

  4. Missions

    You must play story mode to unlock the missions

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Don't Eliminate the samurai at the beginning of kilmission 9 10.1 Flames of Passion
    Eliminate all 3 enemies at the beginning of mission 9 10.2 Flames of Sorrow
    Eliminate Ranzo 12.1 Tenchu Kurenai
    Let Ranzo escape 12.2 Tenchu Kurenai
    Do not Eliminate all enemies in mission 1 2.1 Departures
    Eliminate all enemies in mission 1 2.2 Determinationkill
    At least one enemy spot you in mission 5 6.1 The Blind Masseuse
    You may not be spotted in mission 5 6.2 What Lurks in the shadow
    Don't pick up the map in mission 6 7.1 A Sister's Promise
    Pick up the map in mission 6 7.2 For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Complete Chapter 2-1 Departures Chapter 3-1 Secret Encounters
    Complete Chapter 2-2 Determination Chapter 3-2 The Geisha and the Hired Blade

    Contributed by: Pandaz1989, Swiftshark 

  5. Unlockable Special Abilities

    The following Special Abilities are unlocked by acquiring the corresponding number of scrolls in Story mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Ayame: 250 Scrolls / Rin:30 Scrolls Arrow Block
    Ayame: 150 Scrolls Cheetah Sprint
    Ayame: 30 Scrolls Crescent Moon
    Rin: 200 Scrolls Crimson
    Rin: 550 Scrolls Crimson Final
    Rin: 60 Scrolls Death Drop
    Ayame: 500 Scrolls False Wall
    Rin: 10 Scrolls Fang Guard
    Ayame: 60 Scrolls / Rin:150 Scrolls Hawk Eye
    Ayame: 200 Scrolls Inner Ear
    Ayame: 300 Scrolls / Rin: 350 Scrolls Long Claw
    Rin: 500 Scrolls Mimicry
    Ayame: 400 Scrolls Mind Control
    Rin: 250 Scrolls Numbing Strike
    Rin: 300 Scrolls Shadow
    Ayame: 350 Scrolls / Rin: 450 Scrolls Sniper
    Ayame: 450 Scrolls / Rin: 400 Scrolls Spider's Nest
    Ayame: 100 Scrolls Swift Guard
    Ayame: 10 Scrolls / Rin: 100 Scrolls Wall Run
    Ayame: 550 Scrolls Wrath

    Contributed by: Swiftshark 

  6. Alternate Costumes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat Juzo in Pit Fight mode with more than 23 minutes remaining and defeat the two Ayames. Alternatively, collect a total of 1600 scrolls. Ayame's Tenchu 1 and Tenchu 2 costumes
    Beat the game on Normal difficulty. Pit Fight mode
    Defeat all 6 enemy groups in Pit Fight mode. Pit Fight mode Boss Fights
    Beat the game on any difficulty. Rin's hidden costume, Ayame's Tenchu 3 costume

    Contributed by: Another Denshuu 

  7. Unlockable Special Items

    You can unlock the following character specific items for the other character by Grandmastering or getting an Assassin ranking on the following chapters in Level Select mode only.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Assassin Ranking on Chapter 11 in Level Select mode Decoy Whistle for Rin
    Grandmaster Chapter 10-1 or 10-2 in Level Select mode Fake Rat for Ayame
    Assassin Ranking on Chapter 9 in Level Select mode Fire Spell for Rin
    Grandmaster Chapter 12-1 or 12-2 in Level Select mode Sleeping Gas for Ayame

    Contributed by: Swiftshark 

  8. Unlockable Special Weapons

    The following Two weapons can be unlocked by first finding them while in Story Mode. There is one unlockable weapon for each character. Once you have the weapons and complete the missions they will always be available in your Item Selection Screen.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    After crossing the bridge head left along the wall and double jump over to the little outcropping ledge. Demon Claws (Rin - Chapter 8)
    In the room across from the Boss Battle room provided you did not take the shortcut. (The shortcut causes the room to collapse) Dokuto Blades (Ayame - Chapter 7.2)

    Contributed by: Swiftshark 

  9. Misc. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Training Stage Ninja Rebirth Item
    Get a Grandmaster or Assassin Ranking in all 18 levels Red Blade Mode
    Beat every layout on every skill level with each character Sound Check Mode
    Complete all playable missions in Story mode (18 total) Third Enemy Layout in Level Select Mode

    Contributed by: lyam, Swiftshark 

  10. view your in game score status (works for both japanese and american verisons)

    to view your status plug in your second player controller and pause the game with your first player controller, and enter square, square, down, down, up, up on the second player controller

    Effect Effect
    while game paused, enter on the second controller square, square, down, down, up, up view score status screen

    Contributed by: Bakanutz 

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