The real deal.

User Rating: 9.5 | Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins PS
The first thing I have to say about this game is that it is not for the weak. Tenchu 2 is one of the most challenging games I have ever had the pleasure of falling in love with. No game immerses you into the role of the ninja quite like this. The gameplay is intense since you have to hide and sneak your way through every level. If you fail to check every corner, if you loose your focus for one moment it could very well be the last thing you do. The graphics are top notch for the PSOne as are the sounds. Voice acting, effects, and music all shine and add to the atmosphere. The characters are memorable and complex as is the story which is told in three parts from the perspectives of Rikimaru, Ayame, and Tatsumaru (unlockable character). Each character's adventure path is truly unique from the other ensuring that you won't get the feeling of "been there done that". If this game teaches anything it's patience. Waiting for the right time to strike is crucial and can mean the difference between glorious success or woeful failure. For anyone who wants to find out how fun yet challenging being a ninja can really be then look no further then Tenchu 2.