Temple Run Cheats For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Achievements

    Fulfil the required task to unlock the achievement. There are 22 in total.

    Score 500,000 points 1/2 Million Club
    Scored 250,000 points 1/4 Million Club
    Run 10,000 meters 10K Runner
    Run 5,000 meters 5K Runner
    Scored 25,000 points Adventurer
    Run 1,000m without collecting any coins Allergic to Gold
    Ran 2,500 meters Athlete
    Resurrect twice in one run Double Resurrection
    Use a Head Start Head Start
    Scored 100,000 points High Roller
    Collected 500 coins Lump Sum
    Filled the bonus meter 4x Mega Bonus
    Score 1,000,000 points Million Club
    Run 500m without collecting any coins Miser Run
    Collected 1,000 coins Money Bags
    Ran 500 meters Novice Runner
    Collected 750 coins Payday
    Collected 250 coins Piggy Bank
    Collected 100 coins Pocket Change
    Resurrect after dying Resurrection
    Ran 1,000 meters Sprinter
    Scored 50,000 points Treasure Hunter

    Contributed by: _Genesis